Am 9. Oktober 2020 besuchte der National-Public-Radio-Reporter Ryan Delaney aus den USA das Gymnasium „In der Wüste“, um Interviews zum Umgang mit der Coronavirus-Pandemie an Deutschlands Schulen zu führen. Das GidW wurde beispielhaft aufgrund unseres Model-United-Nations-Austausches mit der Burlington High School, Vermont, in 2009/10 für die Interviews ausgewählt. Mr. Delaney war seinerzeit noch Schüler dieser Schule und hat den Kontakt über seinen damaligen Geschichtslehrer Mr. Cane wiederhergestellt.

Im Rahmen eines ereignisreichen Vormittags bekamen auch die beiden Leistungskurse in Jahrgang 13 die Gelegenheit, umgekehrt Mr. Delaney zu interviewen. Daraus entstanden der folgende Bericht und auch ein Audio-Podcast von Laura Emke, Michelle Igelmann und Liana Schmidtke:

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Interviewing NPR Journalist Ryan Delaney: American Journalist Impresses Students at GidW

We all read the news about the extensive damage that the US has to deal with because of the Corona Pandemic and have probably asked ourselves if some of that could have been avoided. On top of that comes the current political climate that splits the country in two parties and pits one against the other. With this particular situation and background in mind we had the pleasure of interviewing the American-based journalist, Ryan Delaney. Being a very open and also self-critical person he explained to us the problems the US is facing regarding the education of their youngest, as well as his personal negative reaction to the government’s behaviour and therefore also gave us an idea of the difficult situation American citizens are facing right now.

Mr. Delaney’s work as a journalist for the National Public Radio, short NPR, is focusing on the education of children. He is convinced that school, especially for young children, provides more than education by teaching children how to socialize and learn important communication skills. Now due to the pandemic they are stuck at home. This fact concerns Mr. Delaney immensely, which is why he started a work trip to Germany to gather information on what measures this country has taken to ensure the students’ safety within a classroom. With a few of his colleagues having been let go by the NPR due to the pandemic, this work trip certainly isn’t a common thing right now and speaks volumes on how concerned he and many others are.

Besides this unsettling general background the US also faces other major challenges. Mr. Delaney talked very openly about the fact that he felt betrayed by his government and sharply criticised it with the main aspect being the lack of good leadership, which he recognized in other countries but missed in his own. Moreover, he assured us that, differing from the main view of Americans brought to us by our media, many American citizens felt similarly discontented.

But he didn’t just criticise his country’s way of operating, he went a step further and gave possible solutions to minimise the damage of the pandemic in his country. One of those suggestions was a strict rule for wearing masks that is well thought out and, most importantly, consistent. More concrete, he wants mask rules that don’t change as soon as you cross the border from one state to another but rather rules that are in place equally for each citizen of the United States of America. With his remarkable solution-oriented and critical way of thinking while still keeping a positive mind-set he set an inspiring example from which we can all learn.

All in all, the interview reminded us not to generalize every American and reduce a whole country to their president and see that even though America has to overcome a lot of challenges, its citizens or at least some of them are more than willing to strive for change and a safer way of dealing with this pandemic.

Laura Emke

Hier finden Sie die Radiostory von Herrn Delaney:

Sharing a link to Mr. Delaney's national radio story that aired yesterday: Germany’s schools try to stay open as another round of coronavirus lockdowns take effect: