The Gymnasium “In der Wüste” places great value on the celebration of Christmas. On the last day before the holidays start, all students meet in the assembly hall of the school and sing Christmas songs together. There also is a kind of bazar, a student shop with many decorations and biscuits. I interviewed a GIdW student and found out that she really likes this school day because she loves singing when it is winter and cold outside. She's looking forward to this year's Christmas event because she really enjoyed it last year.

I also interviewed some other people who thought this event was very cool and funny. Everyone pointed out they would like to do it again this year. A boy said that the GIdW Christmas event put him in the right Christmas mood. Many teachers sang along too. This special event celebrated with the whole school community was the perfect conclusion to work before the holidays in 2017 and surely will also be in 2018! 

The bazar vendors really liked working there and when something was sold, for example self-made biscuits, the money was put into donations for children in India. To put it in a nutshell, the Christmas event was very well received by all my interviewees and everyone in the school seems to be already getting excited looking at this year`s Christmas event on Friday December 21st.

Hannah, Klasse 8