12 runwalkhelp 03GIdW at terre des hommes 2018 Run and Walk for Help

On the rainy 2nd November right after the World Aids Day the charity organization terre des hommes organized their 17th Run and Walk for Help starting and finishing at the Moskaubad. The GidW has participated in the run with the school`s rowing crew since its very beginning and this year even with about 120 students from 6th to 12th grade plus 11 teachers. To get a closer look at the run we interviewed Mariella`s friend Christin who participated for the first time.

For Christin the running wasn’t that hard even though she had not prepared for the 7 kilometer long run. In between times she just walked with her friends, especially after a part of single trail around the 3-km-mark when the track became wider again and they could enjoy chatting. The route went through the woods of the “Hörner Bruch”, a rather muddy route because of the rain. But for Christin and her companions the mud made the run and walk more fun. In her opinion everyone can manage to run or walk the route knowing that Aids orphans in Africa get the chance to an education. The 6th graders of our school indeed proved that this is possible.

The most surprising thing wasn’t that the rain didn’t bother anybody, it actually was that some 6th graders managed to run the 7 k in incredibly fast times, beating the more relaxed group of 12th graders. And like Mariella`s friend, the 6th graders proved that age doesn’t matter, you can always attempt to help children in other parts of the world. Along with the students ran the Scottish runner John McGurk who again participated in his kilt. He kept a smile in his face all throughout the run in the cold rain! 
After the run, everybody enjoyed the hot drinks and abundance of cookies provided by the avid terre des hommes support crew or took a rest in the warm halls of the nearby Moskaubad. 

Mrs. Wächter, one of the organizers of the run, was really thankful for all the runners who ran the 7 k or even the long 12 k route . She emphasized how glad the charity was about the 2700 Euro raised to help the children in South Africa whose parents had died of HIV/Aids. She pointed out that 10 Euro already provide a child in Africa with two months of education.

We believe that everyone should participate in the run and we hope that next year we are not the only school who will sign up for the Run and Walk for Help. Also we are really happy and proud that our school encourages us to help others and some teachers set such a good example in running along with their students.

Julia and Mariella, 8 e